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The beaches of Thassos

The road around the island is 92 klm long, but the coastline reaches 115 klm with countless beaches. Among them some that stand out are Golden Beach-Golden Coast, Saliara, Paradise, Aliki and Livadi.

The longest and the most beautiful beach is Golden beach – Golden Coast which is 3 klm long. Its fine gold dust like sand with its crystal clear and shallow water along with the fact that it is organized have established it as the most popular beach on the island.

Paradise is a hidden exotic beach with tropic water and fine sand. It is surrounded by a thick pine forest that reaches the sea. It is easily accessed by the main road and has a beach bar.

One more exotic beach with white pebbles is Saliara. Access might be a bit tricky due to the dirt road leading to it but the beautiful scenery and its turquoise water can be really rewarding. You could also access Saliara beach by boat in a daily cruise tour.

Aliki beach is located on the northeast side of the. A short downhill slope leads to two wonderful small beaches with green transparent shallow waters and lots of greenery. Between them there is a small picturesque peninsula covered with pine trees where the remains of an ancient quarry lie. Next to one of the beaches there is an archeological site you could visit. Aliki beach is an organized beach with a few taverns.

Giola is a beautiful natural pool carved in the rock by the sea filled with seawater accessible by dirt-road and by foot. It is a sight with a wonderful view that people enjoy visiting and diving into its waters

Makriamos offers a breathtaking scenery of natural beauty. It is an organized beach but an entrance fee is required

Livadi is one of the least known beaches on the island. It is located right under the monastery of Archangel Michael and is an ideal choice for anyone that would like to visit a more quiet beach. It is sandy and has blue-green waters.