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Activities in Thassos

Cultural points of interest

  • Archeological museum in Limenas
  • Ancient agora in Limenas
  • Ancient theatre in Limenas
  • Archeological site and quarry in Alikes
  • The archangel Michael monastery
  • The Vagis museum in Potamia

Naturalistic points of interest

  • The trail to the ipsarion peak (1206 m)
  • Giola natural pool
  • Saliara beach
  • The waterfalls near Maries


Since Thassos landscape combines both sea and mountain apart from beautiful beaches it provides plenty of beautiful hiking trails. 

  • Panagia – Limenas (11 km, 3 hrs)
  • Panagia – Potamia (6 km, 2 hrs)
  • Potamia – Ipsarion (10 km, 5 hrs)
  • Astris – Giola (2 km)


The island is ideal for biking, you could rent bikes and explore its villages and beaches. Every Year, there is a mountain bike race taking place in the beginning of May

Water sports

In organised beaches you could enjoy the sea doing water sports such as water ski, jet ski, windsurf and many more. Those who take a liking in diving will find it easy to find certified diving schools that offer the opportunity to have a memorable time underwater in the most clear waters of the Aegean sea.


You could go spearfishing or a line and a fishing rod all along the coast of the island. There is also the opportunity to hop on a boat and go on a fishing trip with a group

Jeep Safari 4×4

If you drive a 4×4 vehicle you could drive to Kastro Village or conquer the mountain peak of Thassos “Ipsario” at 1206 m of altitude.