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Pet Policy

Staying at Bella Vista Luxury Apartments with a pet is allowed and no additional cost is included. Please notify us of a visiting pet before making a reservation as we try to accommodate one pet at a time to make sure everyone is having a peaceful stay.

Pets are allowed in the reception and the garden with their human companions, so long as they always keep their humans attached to them by leash.

We allow a maximum of 4-5 people and 1 pet per apartment.

We all carry a little extra weight from time to time. However, pets should weigh 15 kg or less. If your furry friend is a little larger, or carrying some seasonal weight, do speak to us. We will make exceptions for good behavior or for returning furry customers that just ate too much lately.

All pets should be advised that their humans will be responsible for any damage made to property, so we greatly appreciate their very good behavior whilst staying.

We kindly ask human companions to contact reception to arrange housekeeping to service their apartment whilst staying. We may ask that pets wait outside the apartment or kept secure in a pet crate to help the cleaning process get properly conducted.

The idyllic olive groves surrounding the property as well as the trails leading to the mountain foothills are around the corner and are strongly suggested for pets wishing to exercise their humans. We kindly ask that humans carry do-do bags and leave no litter behind. Relieving yourself on the property lawn is forbidden as this needs to be kept clean for laying down and scratching your back.

Barks, meows and human whistling should be kept to a minimum during your stay in respect of other guests.

Please do not forget to bring your own pet bed, bowls and towel. We’ll be happy to surprise you with a treat delicacy and enjoy your tricks.

Thank you for your consideration.